Online store BaltCombat provides our clients with a simple solution to order and receive gear from the leading manufacturers.

Most of the range is manufactured by the Spanish company DaeDo, which has established a reputation of the leading top-tier martial arts gear manufacturer. DaeDo gear has been available on the Baltic market for 10 years, and it has conquered hearts of many martial arts enthusiasts with its high quality and accessible prices. For the last 10 years DaeDo has supplied many international tournaments in the Baltics, as well as Latvian teams representing Latvia on international arenas.

Apart from the standard gear, the online store also provides an option to manufacture club clothing with custom emblems. Suits, shirts, shorts with a custom emblem to emphasize your stile.

A large number of accessories and souvenirs will provide you both with good gifts and prizes for the tournament winners.

Contact us and we will be glad to help.

Sincerely, BaltCombat team.